All I want for Christmas is my next belt


It’s just before Christmas. However, some of the students of Dae Ryeon Do Samurai and Jung Do Kung Fu are not at all interested in contemplative Christmas-song-singing and they have not yet eaten kilos of chocolate and Christmas cookies. On the contrary. These students have probably trained harder over the last few weeks than the rest of the year, with the aim of passing the belt tests in their martial arts. All of them managed to heat the dry winter air in the rooms of the Dojangs in Baar to a pleasantly tropical 27 ° C and 80% humidity. And finally, it was proven worthwhile to trust not only in Santa Clause, but also in oneself and fight to reach the next goal. All students passed the belt test and are looking forward to being able to practice the new techniques of the next degree for the first time after New Year. With this motivation, New Year ‘s proposals are completely superfluous.

Soon the well-earned winter break begins. From 9 January 2017 onwards it continues.