Fighting for the children

April 1st, 2017, BAD ROTHENFELDE

Kämpfen für Kinder
When many people wandered around to carry out the most amusing jokes on April Fools Day, the group of the GKMAF (schools from Baar, Biel and Unterägeri) were on a noble mission. The route took the martial artists to Germany, to the Osnabrück region, where a charity event for a child welfare organization took place. When Axel Nobbe and Bernd Höhle, the organizers of the event, asked the club at the beginning of the year if they would participate, Stephan Krellmann’s answer was a clear “Yes, we will”. The supported organisation, Kinderhilfewerk ICH – Inter-NATIONAL CHILDREN Help eV helps children in need both nationally and internationally. And children are a pillar of GKMAF Krellmann in Baar. Many children are taught in the martial arts. It is not just about the techniques of martial arts, but also about the values ​​of being a warrior: discipline, respect and perseverance. The children learn the virtues that make them into good adults.

At 7pm the show then started. Numerous martial artists presented their skills in front of a large audience. The Swiss group started their act with the “Talent show”. The participants performed the techniques they had learned – however, the outcome often ended in rival battles, very much to the discomfort of the jury. But there was a happy end. After the jury’s reprimand, the clan showed a perfectly timed synchronous form. The combined shout and punch in the end proved their mutual strength and joy. Martial arts brings everyone together.

Martial arts also connects musicians. The singer Caroline Breitler was in the entourage of the combat group. She touched the audience during the event with a song specially composed by Steps2rec Tonstudio.

In addition to the group from Switzerland, another 80 martial artists traveled and gave their best to collect as much money as possible for the childrens’ organisation. So they all fought for the children.

If you too would like to join this group, you can come by at any time for a trial training.