The little big kung-fu fighter also smiles

18 JUNE 2017 - BAAR, SWITZERLAND Not only the weather was promising, but also the appearance of the five instructors-to-be at the GKMAF Krellmann martial arts school in Baar (at the YunSong Academy). Long, hard years they have fought to get so far - the next belt was due. And it was not just a new color belt, but an instructor-to-be belt. Thus, the five brave men not onl...
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Sunday Successes

JUNE 26TH 2016, BAAR - It was a normal Sunday morning and most people in Baar Switzerland were still sleeping. For the students of Jung Do Kung Fu and Dae Ryeon Do Samurai who gathered at this early hour of June 26th in the YunSong Academy, it was a very special day. Although they have taken the same way dozens, if not hundreds of times from the dressing room to the mats, eve...
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